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There ain’t no such thing as a free launch..

Our platform is free but not free to operate. We want to be inclusive and give a chance for everyone to join and benefit from our programs, capacity-building initiatives, information, and networking opportunities. Please, consider donating to support our digital environment. The benefits are here for you, as a concerned citizen, to enjoy.

Since 2014, we embarked on the task to unite professionals in the field of military, defense, law enforcement, and security. We want to keep it that way.

Our mission is simple yet complex. We want to strengthen public security and advance national, regional, and international cooperation across the public sector, the private sector, and civil society. We are tapping into a niche that is very much needed. For us, it matters to secure the most fundamental rights of human beings across borders. We work based on common interests regardless of which country, culture, religion, and ethnicity you identify with.

The world is an intricate web of interests. The only constant we continue to see changes. As such, it is logical to remain open to doubt by maintaining a state of malleability.

It is much easier to challenge those we consider “enemies” than our own friends. We should doubt what politicians tell us, because as humans and thus fallible and driven by personal ambition over public service. We should challenge media messages as they come biased from those who own the outlets. We should doubt social media as such platforms are susceptible to manipulation.

It is more advantageous to remain in a state of openness, commitment, and willingness to keep learning. Be part of this process, and doubt the lessons that you have previously been taught.

Membership tier PRO and additional cost:
The fee of shipping for the mailing physical items varies based on member location. Personal information is required to join as a member, and members by payment of the chosen tier are certifying compliance with our Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics obligatory for IOSI's Officers, Directors, and Members

Membership in the IOSI Global Organization for Security and Intelligence positions imposes a responsibility to uphold the IOSI's purposes and objectives as outlined in the IOSI's charter and bylaws and its board's resolutions of Directors. Members should conduct themselves and their professional and business affairs in a manner that reflects and enhances the reputation of IOSI.

Membership in IOSI is a voluntary act, and becoming a member of the IOSI does not automatically secure or lead to a job position. Every member is added to the talent pool and prioritized as a candidate for a vacancy based on professional experience. The jobs are created and concerning the IOSI's Global Projects and are announced on the IOSI Platform. Member has right and is encouraged to apply for any new job and present his "Open to Work" interest' on the Platform. IOSI regularly announces during a year open positions in levels of volunteer, internship, and paid career.

IOSI's Board of Directors vests the President of IOSI with the power to enforce these membership obligations by removing from membership, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, any member who gives cause for dismissal.

Such causes include, but are not limited to:

1. Any act intended to disrupt the existence or unity of the Association or its chapters.

2. Any act violates the IOSI's charter, such as using one's position in the IOSI to suggest or promote personal, political, religious, or social agendas. To ensure that members' statements are not misconstrued in public fora that the IOSI does not sponsor whether, through introductions or biographic profiles, such information cannot be accompanied by presentations with the logo or insignia of the IOSI. Suppose affiliation with IOSI is noted or apparent. In that case, any handouts, publications, or slides must bear the caveat: "The opinions expressed in this (letter, blog, event, speech, newsletter, slide, paper, presentation, discussion, etc.) are those of the individual writer/speaker, and do not reflect the position of, or the endorsement by, the IOSI, its members, officers, chapters, or board."

3. Any act that misrepresents the IOSI's Federal non-profit, non-political, educational charter, including any action that brings public disrepute or embarrassment upon the IOSI or seeks to undermine the purposes or programs of the IOSI.

4. Any defamation, vilification, or deceitful act, false accusation, calumny, or slander or libel against the IOSI, its officers, or its members. The IOSI does not permit

5. Any misrepresentation or use for purposes other than the stated purposes of the IOSI of the IOSI name, symbols, icons, trademarks, certificates, objectives, activities, membership, or member data of the IOSI, including any act, assertion, or implication of, affiliation with, sponsorship of, or approval by the IOSI.

6. Any act in violation of a fiduciary or other trust exercised on behalf of the IOSI.

7. Any felonious violation of federal, state, or local laws or any prosecutable or indictable act, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, whether or not related to the IOSI.

8. Any conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest with the Association's charter, purposes, neutrality, or objectives if not resolved immediately and satisfactorily upon notification and concurrence of the President.